Katthoefer Golf Design is a company specializing in the planning and design of golf courses. It was founded by Ulrich Katthoefer in 2004 and is based in Germany.

Ulrich Katthöfer is a renowned golf course architect and has completed a variety of golf course projects in different countries throughout his career. He has extensive expertise and experience in golf course design, including fairway layout, hazards placement and the creation of appealing landscape features.

Katthoefer Golf Design works closely with golf course operators, permitting planners and architectural firms to design custom golf courses that are both playable and scenic. The company emphasizes careful planning and consideration of natural features to create sustainable and aesthetically pleasing golf courses.

PS: I had the privilege of working in Shenzhen China for six months as the chief designer in a modern Chinese planning office. During this time, I gained valuable overseas experience with international collaborators.

This experience has shaped me both professionally and personally.