In your search for improvement opportunities in relation to aspects such as  expansion standard,  play strategy,  course rating value,  design and/or  situations that delay play etc. I can support you with the following services: Advise in relation to feasibility and expansion standard Transforming the jointly discussed suggestions into draft sketches Planning of all individual construction works into a "before-after"     presentation as presentation documents, which  can be used to form the basis for discussions with the board of       management, to provide member information, in relation to financing etc. including cost estimate of all individual construction works Carrying-out and detailed planning for all construction procedures (greens, tees, bunkers, earthwork/shifting of earth or soil, ponds etc.) Cost ascertainment/ detailed estimate Supervision of works from a technical and design point of view Coordination of specialist offices (surveying, authorisation, overhead irrigation etc.) IMPRESSUM GC Dortmund-RSB, neuer Teich und neue Insel, Grün 9